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Your information is private. I hate spam and will never share your email addresses with third-parties of any kind. The privacy of my readers is very important to me. I gather common marketing data about people who visit my site, but this information will never be shared. I will also mention here that while we do use affiliate links on our site, I will never post products that I wouldn't post otherwise.


Please feel free to share anything you see on this blog from images to articles. However, when you do, please be sure to include a link back to the original content post or product on The Fashion Robot. I don't require my written permission because I believe that sharing is important to our mission of spreading knowledge. However, please do respect that I cannot keep blogging if you don't attribute articles and images back to the blog. 


If you're excited about the kind of content we're creating at The Fashion Robot and want to collaborate, please e-mail for more information. This includes a wide range of opportunities from sponsored posts to advertising.