Fashion should be effortless and sustainable

Algatite is centered around a simple concept: bold and sensible. Each piece is crafted to be comfortable, effortless, and elegant; so that you can proudly wear it from the boardroom to the boardwalk.

Technology is a major part of our design and production processes. We embrace techniques that allow us to create scalably and sustainably using SLS and SLA printing. 

Products that are meaningful

The aesthetics of Algatite balance a prototypical elegant femininity and mechanical masculinity that embraces the complex gender dynamics at play in culture today. It's our belief that products should be meaningful; the details have purpose and a story.

Our demand forecasting model is designed so that we can make small, continuous bets on styles and colors instead of placing giant orders once per season. This helps us eliminate waste produced by over-stocking and gives us the space to try new things. 

Meet the Designer

Leanne Luce is the designer and founder of Algatite. Here, she brings together her background in fashion with her experiences working in the tech industry to inform a new aesthetic and process for making. You can also follow her blog The Fashion Robot to learn more about the intersection of fashion and technology; or check out her book Artificial Intelligence for Fashion.



Leanne Luce, Algatite 3D printed jewelry, earrings, rings, necklaces, hoop earrings, and more