Fashion should be effortless and sustainable

Algatite is a collection of sustainably-minded fashion accessories in bold colors and minimalist geometries. Our pieces are hand-dyed and constructed from 3D-printed Nylon and Sterling Silver in the USA.

Technology is central to our process. We embrace techniques that allow us to create scalably and sustainably using SLS and SLA printing. Our products and manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Sustainability is an important part of what we do. We use on-demand manufacturing techniques to minimize our environmental impact. For each product sold we partner with One Tree Planted to plant a tree, off-setting our carbon footprint. [Learn more]

We make small, continuous bets on styles and colors instead of placing giant orders once per season. This helps us eliminate waste produced by over-stocking and gives us the space to try new things. 

What does "Algatite" mean?

Algatite is a made up word meant to evoke the sense of something biological or chemical. Our designs a largely inspired by geometries found in nature like diatoms as well as pieces of science and technology.

Meet the Designer

Leanne Luce is the designer and founder of Algatite. Here, she brings together her background in fashion with her experiences working in the tech industry to inform a new aesthetic and process for making. You can also follow her blog The Fashion Robot to learn more about the intersection of fashion and technology; or check out her book Artificial Intelligence for Fashion.



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